Naturel, a visual artist specializing in digital illustrations and prints, is a close friend of mine whom I’ve known for over 15 years. Watching his most recent work go from a simple idea posted on Instagram to almost breaking the Internet a few times has been incredible to watch. When he reached out to me about needing a site to sell his work online, I was more than excited to help him bring it to life.

His pieces sell out within hours so we needed a system that could keep up with inventory and streamline shipments. Shopify was the most straightforward solution for this so starting with some design direction from Naturel, I designed and developed a solution that elegantly shows off his work and offers a simple yet intuitive payment interaction for visitors.

Check it out!

  • Client: Naturel
  • Technicals: Front-end Development, Shopify Development, Web Design
  • Date: Winter 2014