Allan Cole

Brooklyn based designer, web-developer & beat-maker.

Allmos – Sound Affects Vol. 1

Cover Artwork for an album I wrote and produced.
Listen and download here.




Joe Carter

A portrait of legendary gospel singer Joe Carter for the OnBeing podcast.




  • Client: The On Being Project
  • Technicals: Illustration
  • Date: Summer 2018

Cover art design & animation for Jamall Bufford’s single titled “Billion$.”





  • Client: Jamall Bufford
  • Technicals: Animation, Typography, Art Direction, Digital drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration
  • Date: Summer 2018
20 Racks

Cover art design & animation for Jamall Bufford’s single “20 Racks”.




  • Client: Jamall Bufford
  • Technicals: Typography, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
  • Date: August 2018
Youth Speaks

Branding and logo design for Youth Speaks, The Bigger Picture and Brave New Voices.

  • Client: Youth Speaks
  • Technicals: Brand Design, Graphic Design
  • Date: Winter 2017

Naturel, a visual artist specializing in digital illustrations and prints, is a close friend of mine whom I’ve known for over 15 years. Watching his most recent work go from a simple idea posted on Instagram to almost breaking the Internet a few times has been incredible to watch. When he reached out to me about needing a site to sell his work online, I was more than excited to help him bring it to life.

His pieces sell out within hours so we needed a system that could keep up with inventory and streamline shipments. Shopify was the most straightforward solution for this so starting with some design direction from Naturel, I designed and developed a solution that elegantly shows off his work and offers a simple yet intuitive payment interaction for visitors.

Check it out!

  • Client: Naturel
  • Technicals: Front-end Development, Shopify Development, Web Design
  • Date: Winter 2014
Wink Relay Microsite

After working with the Normal earphones team, I was contacted by their partner company, Quirky, to work on a full-screen microsite for a new product called Wink Relay—a smart device that connects and regulates your home appliances. They were announcing it in just two weeks, so after meeting with the team in person to discuss specifics and review their design, I immediately started to build it.

Using HTML, jQuery and LESS, I quickly delivered a dynamic, fast loading, responsive experience, that effectively promoted their new product—and on time. Unfortunately, the campaign ended in 2014 and is no longer live.

Site is no longer active

  • Client: Quirky
  • Technicals: Front-end Development, HTML5, jQuery, LESS
  • Date: Fall 2014
Nrml Earphones

As a proud music nerd, I was really excited to work with a brand that is pushing the envelope of earphone design. Each pair of Nrml earphones are one-of-a-kind and 3d-printed to fit the unique shape of your ear.

The Nrml team provided a design that combined high-res product shots with a focus on product details and specs. This was a frontend-only build so I was tasked with taking their design and turning it into a functional and responsive HTML/JS/CSS site.

See it here

  • Client: Nrml Headphones
  • Technicals: Front-end Development, HTML5, jQuery, LESS, UI
  • Date: Summer 2014
GE Link Bulbs

GE Link bulbs are part of a series of innovative product ideas produced by Quirky for GE. These futuristic light bulbs can be scheduled to turn on and off via your mobile phone and they’re also super energy-efficient. I worked with Quirky to build a microsite to showcase the bulbs and all of their great features.

This was another front-end development only project where the design direction was provided by Quirky designers. I used a custom front-end framework to implement various common features and streamline the development process.

See it live

  • Client: Quirky
  • Technicals: Front-end Development, HTML5, jQuery, LESS
  • Date: Fall 2015

I initially started working with Khoi Vinh, one of the most brilliant designers I know, a few years ago when we collaborated on a premium WordPress theme called Basic Maths. At the time, he was new to WordPress and was using Expression Engine to power his uber-popular blog. A few years later after seeing how malleable WordPress was, he asked me to help him reimagine his blog using WordPress as the backbone, and there was no way I could turn it down.

Khoi led the design while I did all of the WordPress development on the site. There are tons of nuggets of smart design and slick interaction techniques used throughout the site that you are simply better off seeing for yourself.

View the live site.

  • Client: Khoi Vinh
  • Technicals: HTML5, jQuery, LESS, UI, WordPress Development
  • Date: Winter 2014