I initially started working with Khoi Vinh, one of the most brilliant designers I know, a few years ago when we collaborated on a premium WordPress theme called Basic Maths. At the time, he was new to WordPress and was using Expression Engine to power his uber-popular blog. A few years later after seeing how […]

Naturel, a visual artist specializing in digital illustrations and prints, is a close friend of mine whom I’ve known for over 15 years. Watching his most recent work go from a simple idea posted on Instagram to almost breaking the Internet a few times has been incredible to watch. When he reached out to me […]

Wink Relay Microsite

After working with the Normal earphones team, I was contacted by their partner company, Quirky, to work on a full-screen microsite for a new product called Wink Relay—a smart device that connects and regulates your home appliances. They were announcing it in just two weeks, so after meeting with the team in person to discuss […]

Nrml Earphones

As a proud music nerd, I was really excited to work with a brand that is pushing the envelope of earphone design. Each pair of Nrml earphones are one-of-a-kind and 3d-printed to fit the unique shape of your ear. The Nrml team provided a design that combined high-res product shots with a focus on product […]

NY Media Center by IFP

For this project, I had the pleasure of working on-site with the good folks at AREA17, hand-in-hand with their design lead and back-end developers. The NY Media Center is an “incubator” of sorts that provides artists, innovators and entrepreneurs with resources to help them take their ideas to the next level. The project itself was […]

GE Link Bulbs

GE Link bulbs are part of a series of innovative product ideas produced by Quirky for GE. These futuristic light bulbs can be scheduled to turn on and off via your mobile phone and they’re also super energy-efficient. I worked with Quirky to build a microsite to showcase the bulbs and all of their great […]

Partners & Spade

Partners & Spade is a really awesome brand agency based in New York. I had been aware of their work and their brand for a while when Tom Ran, of The Scout online magazine first brought the project to my attention, so I was very excited to take this one on. I worked directly with Anthony […]

The Stuyvesants

Outside of some of the visual and interactive work that I do, I also produce music. The Stuyvesants is a collaborative instrumental hip-hop project that I started with my long time friend, art director, and music enthusiast Darien Birks. What started out as a Friday night, after-work routine of listening to old records and getting […]