Occasionally, I like to share some of the knowledge I have about WordPress and what it’s like working as a self-employed entrepreneur. Here’s a list of speaking engagements I’ve done covering these subjects:

  • WordCamp Boston 2018 How we made our first Gutenberg-powered theme
    Watch here
  • Girls Who Code 2015 The Artreprenuer
  • Girls Who Code 2014 The Artreprenuer
  • Girls Who Code 2013 The Artreprenuer
  • WordPress NYC Meetup 2012 Growing Pains: Experiments with Child Themes & why I stopped using them
    Download PDF (315kb)
  • WordPress Brooklyn Meetup 2012 E = wp2: Problem Solving with WordPress
  • WordCamp NYC 2010 Practice Makes Perfect: Using best practices when developing themes for WordPress
  • WordCamp San Francisco 2009 Children Are the Future – Child Themes in WordPress
    Watch here
  • WordCamp NYC 2009 Children Are the Future — Developing with Child Themes